Facilities Vlissingen

Site area: 130.000 m²

Buildings: 28.000 m² of which 7.000 m² is workshop area

Warehouses: 21.000 m²

Workshop: DNV-GL shop approval

VDS quay: privately owned strengthened project quay of 250 metres [12mt p/m²] + additionally 80 metres lay-by berth with a guaranteed draught of –12.50 metres llws.

ISPS certified terminal

LME certified warehouse

Declaration of re-marking acceptance

Facilities Eemshaven

Site area: 30.000 m²

Warehouses: transportable mobile hall of 60 x 22 x 12 mtr (l x w x h ) and expandable.

VDS uses the quay of its partner Orange blue Terminals project quay of 694 (434+260) metres with a guaranteed draught of –14 metres llws.

Heavy load platform: able to handle loads of up to 20mt p/m²

ISPS certified terminal

Declaration of re-marking acceptance