VDS is located in the ports of Vlissingen, Rotterdam and Eemshaven. These excellent locations on the North Sea coast have direct access to open sea. Therefore, these terminals can be easily reached without locks, bridges or airdraft restrictions.

VDS in Vlissingen, the third largest port region of the Netherlands, has excellent hinterland connections by road (congestion-free), by rail and short-sea. With its privately owned quay of 250 metres and a guaranteed draught of 10.50 metres llws, VDS is an excellent base for every onshore and offshore construction project.

VDS in Eemshaven uses the quay and facilities of its offshore partner Orange Blue Terminals B.V. (Buss). With a project quay of 694 metres and a guaranteed draught of 14 metres llws, this second VDS location is an additional excellent base for onshore and offshore construction projects. VDS also has sales offices in Rotterdam and Harzgerode (DE).